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Our company “PARTNER TEX” LTD is a Ukrainian manufacturer of containers made of polypropylene fiber. Over the 2 years of operation, the factory has produced more than 2 million pieces of packaging, and our product range includes 16 types of container liners and big bags of various configurations and sizes.

Our factory promptly fulfills all customer orders, and if they order models of a standard series for our enterprise, the goods are shipped within one day.

Our regular partners are wholesale buyers of containers to which the factory is ready to supply large volumes of products at affordable prices as soon as possible upon demand.

The cost of each model of a soft container or big-bag is calculated using a special calculator that takes into account the dimensions of the container, the quality of the polypropylene thread and the presence of additional reinforcing factors in the fabric (for example, the weaving of nylon threads increases the strength of containers when exposed to low or vice versa – high temperatures). This is of great importance if the container is used to store goods in an open space. The density of the fabric depends on the thickness of the polypropylene yarn and the number of threads per square centimeter of area. The denser the fabric, the stronger it is, which positively affects the safety of the product, because the packaging is more difficult to damage with sharp objects, it is more resistant to friction. But the container made of dense fabric is somewhat more expensive.

The finished polypropylene fabric can be subjected to unilateral or bilateral lamination, which also affects its cost. The presence or absence of a polyethylene liner, which protects the goods from dampness, as well as the features of the big-run configuration, affect the price of the goods.

We always focus on the needs of our client and only after an accurate understanding of the problem; we offer the most effective solution. We are interested in the customer being satisfied with our products, because only in this case our cooperation will continue for a long time.

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