Big Bags (Lightweight Containers)


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The advantages of a big bags

Big-bags are made with lifting elements (slings and tape slings) from heat-resistant polypropylene threads with a large margin of safety. Additional moisture resistance is given to them by external covers or inserts, also made of durable polypropylene.

The advantages and relevance of big bags are obvious:

All our products have accompanying documentation confirming compliance with quality standards, including a certificate of compliance with OOH international requirements for the transport of dangerous goods.

You can buy big bags in the regions of Ukraine most advantageously by placing an order in our company. We guarantee that your customers will receive the goods safe and sound. Since polypropylene bags have high strength, the possibility of recycling and recycling, for you this means no additional costs, lower costs and increased profits!

You can buy a reliable big bag by calling us on the phone or by filling out an application on the website.

The numbers speak for themselves!

2000 +
production of polypropylene bags per day
satisfied customers
years manufacturing experience

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